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New Mexico State University
New Mexico State University
There are 43 famous people who studied here
Aaron Laing
July 19, 1971,
NFL Players
Al Andrews
July 10, 1945,
NFL Players
Al Barnes
July 4, 1949,
NFL Players

Andy Dorris
August 11, 1951,
NFL Players
Billy Locklin
August 13, 1937,
NFL Players
Bob Gaiters
February 26, 1938,
NFL Players
Bob Kelly
June 6, 1925,
NFL Players
Bobby Humphery
August 23, 1961,
NFL Players
Bobby Jackson 4
March 16, 1940,
NFL Players
Charley Johnson
November 22, 1938,
NFL Players
Cliff Olander
May 15, 1955,
NFL Players
Courtney Bryan
October 2, 1984,
NFL Players
Danny Villanueva
November 5, 1937,
NFL Players
Darryl Ford
June 22, 1966,
NFL Players
Duriel Harris
November 27, 1954,
NFL Players
Eddie Miller 2
February 17, 1916,
NFL Players
Fredd Young
November 14, 1961,
NFL Players
Holbert Johnson
July 14, 1960,
NFL Players
Jerry Nuzum
September 8, 1923,
NFL Players
Jimmy Cottrell
January 13, 1983,
NFL Players
Joe Pisarcik
July 2, 1952,
NFL Players
Joe Schmiesing
April 1, 1945,
NFL Players
Joey Jackson
May 7, 1949,
NFL Players
Joseph Campbell
March 26, 1904,
NFL Players
Kenton Keith
July 14, 1980,
NFL Players
Kerry Locklin
September 9, 1959,
NFL Players
Leo Barker
November 7, 1959,
NFL Players
Lincoln Minor
January 22, 1950,
NFL Players
Maurice Murray
November 14, 1984,
NFL Players
Nick Cleaver
October 1, 1984,
NFL Players
Nick Cole
July 28, 1984,
NFL Players
Pep Menefee
January 1, 1943,
NFL Players
Pervis Atkins
November 24, 1935,
NFL Players
Po James
March 19, 1949,
NFL Players
Ray Milo
February 19, 1954,
NFL Players
Roy Gerela
April 2, 1948,
NFL Players
Sean Manuel
December 1, 1973,
NFL Players
Siddeeq Shabazz
February 5, 1981,
NFL Players
Ted Bachman
January 19, 1952,
NFL Players
Tony Wragge
August 14, 1979,
NFL Players
Troy Sienkiewicz
May 27, 1972,
NFL Players
Walt Williams
April 16, 1970,
NFL Players
Willie Adams
December 12, 1941,
NFL Players
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