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Middle Tennessee State University
Middle Tennessee State University
There are 27 famous people who studied here
Barry Hall
November 23, 1977,
NFL Players
Bill Cherry
January 5, 1961,
NFL Players
Bobby Payne
December 18, 1983,
NFL Players

Dave Little
April 18, 1961,
NFL Players
Devarick Scandrett
January 23, 1984,
NFL Players
Don Griffin 2
March 17, 1964,
NFL Players
Dwight Stone
January 28, 1964,
NFL Players
Dwone Hicks
April 25, 1981,
NFL Players
Erik Walden
August 21, 1985,
NFL Players
Franklin Dunbar
March 12, 1985,
NFL Players
James Griffin
August 10, 1943,
NFL Players
Jeff Littlejohn
February 14, 1983,
NFL Players
Jerry DeLucca
July 17, 1936,
NFL Players
Jonathan Quinn
February 27, 1975,
NFL Players
Ken Tippins
July 22, 1966,
NFL Players
Kendall Newson
March 5, 1980,
NFL Players
Keon Raymond
November 27, 1982,
NFL Players
Marty Carter
December 17, 1969,
NFL Players
Mike Caldwell
August 31, 1971,
NFL Players
Ray Oldham
February 23, 1951,
NFL Players
Sulecio Sanford
March 23, 1976,
NFL Players
Thomas Johnson
March 14, 1907,
NFL Players
Tony Burse
April 4, 1965,
NFL Players
Troy Bergeron
December 3, 1983,
NFL Players
Typail McMullen
September 3, 1973,
NFL Players
Tyrone Calico
November 9, 1980,
NFL Players
Walter Dunson
October 24, 1970,
NFL Players
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