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Louisiana-Lafayette University
Louisiana-Lafayette University
There are 40 famous people who studied here
Anthony Clement
April 10, 1976,
NFL Players
Antwain Spann
February 22, 1983,
NFL Players
Brad Franklin
December 22, 1979,
NFL Players

Brandon Stokley
June 23, 1976,
NFL Players
Brian Mitchell
August 18, 1968,
NFL Players
C.C. Brown
January 27, 1983,
NFL Players
Charles Bennett 2
February 9, 1963,
NFL Players
Charles Tillman
February 23, 1981,
NFL Players
Chris Gannon
January 20, 1966,
NFL Players
Clarence Verdin
June 14, 1963,
NFL Players
D'Anthony Batiste
March 29, 1982,
NFL Players
Donovan Morgan
July 29, 1981,
NFL Players
Dwaine Morris
August 24, 1963,
NFL Players
Fred Stamps
December 10, 1980,
NFL Players
Ike Taylor
May 5, 1980,
NFL Players
Jake Delhomme
January 10, 1975,
NFL Players
James Atkins 2
January 28, 1970,
NFL Players
Joe Bradley
December 11, 1982,
NFL Players
Joe DeForest
April 17, 1965,
NFL Players
John Bandura
August 7, 1919,
NFL Players
John Roveto
February 20, 1958,
NFL Players
Karl Bernard
October 12, 1964,
NFL Players
Keno Hills
June 13, 1973,
NFL Players
Kenyon Cotton
February 23, 1974,
NFL Players
Kyries Hebert
October 9, 1980,
NFL Players
Lance Poimboeuf
November 10, 1940,
NFL Players
Louis Age
February 1, 1970,
NFL Players
Mark Hall
February 4, 1971,
NFL Players
Michael Adams
June 18, 1965,
NFL Players
Orlando Thomas
October 21, 1972,
NFL Players
Patrise Alexander
October 23, 1972,
NFL Players
Rafael Septien
December 12, 1953,
NFL Players
Randy McClanahan
December 12, 1954,
NFL Players
Richie Cunningham
August 18, 1970,
NFL Players
Todd Scott
January 23, 1968,
NFL Players
Wendell Williams
October 20, 1981,
NFL Players
William Delahoussaye
May 7, 1980,
NFL Players
William Sims
December 30, 1970,
NFL Players
Willie Culpepper
March 27, 1967,
NFL Players
Win Williams
March 10, 1923,
NFL Players
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