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Idaho State University
Idaho State University
There are 23 famous people who studied here
Bob Otto
December 16, 1962,
NFL Players
Brian Vertefeuille
April 4, 1951,
NFL Players
Case deBruijn
April 11, 1960,
NFL Players

Clyde Logan
December 21, 1981,
NFL Players
Dan MacDonald
April 19, 1986,
NFL Players
Donald Miller
April 9, 1964,
NFL Players
Eddie Bell
September 13, 1946,
NFL Players
Eddie Johnson
March 2, 1981,
NFL Players
Jamie Fitzgerald
April 30, 1965,
NFL Players
Jared Allen
April 3, 1982,
NFL Players
Jeff Charleston
January 19, 1983,
NFL Players
Jim Wagstaff
June 12, 1936,
NFL Players
Joe Moreino
April 4, 1955,
NFL Players
John Roman
August 31, 1952,
NFL Players
Ken O'Neal
June 21, 1962,
NFL Players
Matt Courtney
December 21, 1961,
NFL Players
Matt Gutierrez
June 9, 1984,
NFL Players
Merril Hoge
January 26, 1965,
NFL Players
Mike Hancock
February 25, 1950,
NFL Players
Mike Machurek
July 22, 1960,
NFL Players
Pago Togafau
January 10, 1984,
NFL Players
Shawn Beals
August 16, 1966,
NFL Players
Tom Toner
May 25, 1928,
NFL Players
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