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Delaware State University
Delaware State University
There are 21 famous people who studied here
Al Lawson
June 6, 1941,
NFL Players
Albert Horsey
January 2, 1979,
NFL Players
Chris Jones
January 19, 1980,
NFL Players

Clarence Weathers
January 10, 1962,
NFL Players
Darnerien McCants
August 1, 1978,
NFL Players
DaShane Dennis
August 24, 1979,
NFL Players
David Jones 3
November 9, 1968,
NFL Players
Frank Nicholson
August 20, 1987,
NFL Players
Gordon Wright
December 15, 1943,
NFL Players
Jamaal Jackson
May 8, 1980,
NFL Players
John Taylor 2
March 31, 1962,
NFL Players
Kenny Kern
February 1, 1984,
NFL Players
Lybrant Robinson
August 31, 1964,
NFL Players
Rod Milstead
November 10, 1969,
NFL Players
Shaheer McBride
February 8, 1985,
NFL Players
Steve Coleman
August 8, 1950,
NFL Players
Steve Davis
August 11, 1963,
Tim King
March 7, 1960,
NFL Players
Uhuru Hamiter
March 14, 1973,
NFL Players
Victor Heflin
July 7, 1959,
NFL Players
Walter Tullis
April 12, 1953,
NFL Players
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