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Clemson University
Clemson University
There are 168 famous people who studied here
Adrian Dingle
July 25, 1977,
NFL Players
Airese Currie
December 16, 1982,
NFL Players
Al Latimer
October 14, 1957,
NFL Players

Andy Headen
July 8, 1960,
NFL Players
Anthony Simmons
December 16, 1922,
NFL Players
Anthony Waters
July 25, 1984,
NFL Players
Antuan Edwards
May 26, 1977,
NFL Players
Archie Reese
March 4, 1956,
NFL Players
Ashley Sheppard
January 21, 1969,
NFL Players
Banks McFadden
March 7, 1917,
NFL Players
Barry Richardson
May 15, 1986,
NFL Players
Ben Hall
March 18, 1899,
NFL Players
Bennie Cunningham
December 23, 1954,
NFL Players
Bill Hudson
October 17, 1949,
NFL Players
Bill Mathis
December 10, 1938,
NFL Players
Billy Davis 2
December 6, 1961,
NFL Players
Bob Baldwin
July 7, 1943,
NFL Players
Bob Hudson 2
May 5, 1930,
NFL Players
Bob Poole
October 5, 1941,
NFL Players
Bobby Gage
January 15, 1927,
NFL Players
Brentson Buckner
October 30, 1971,
NFL Players
Brian Dawkins
October 13, 1973,
NFL Players
Brian E. Clark
October 22, 1960,
NFL Players
Bryant McNeal
July 13, 1979,
NFL Players
C.J. Gaddis
August 12, 1985,
NFL Players
Chansi Stuckey
October 4, 1983,
NFL Players
Charles Bennett
August 2, 1899,
NFL Players
Charlie Waters
October 10, 1948,
NFL Players
Charlie Whitehurst
August 6, 1982,
NFL Players
Chester McGlockton
October 16, 1969,
NFL Players
Chris Gardocki
March 7, 1970,
NFL Players
Chris Jones 3
October 30, 1976,
NFL Players
Chuck McSwain
March 21, 1961,
NFL Players
Cliff Austin
March 2, 1960,
NFL Players
Corey Hulsey
July 26, 1977,
NFL Players
Curtis Whitley
May 10, 1969,
NFL Players
Daddy Potts
August 16, 1898,
NFL Players
Dale Hatcher
May 5, 1963,
NFL Players
Dan Benish
December 21, 1960,
NFL Players
Darnell Stephens
January 29, 1973,
NFL Players
Darrel Crutchfield
March 26, 1979,
NFL Players
Dave Thompson 2
March 1, 1949,
NFL Players
David Treadwell
March 27, 1965,
NFL Players
Delton Hall
January 16, 1965,
NFL Players
Derrick Hamilton
December 30, 1981,
NFL Players
Derrick Witherspoon
March 14, 1971,
NFL Players
Dexter Davis
March 20, 1970,
NFL Players
Dexter McCleon
October 9, 1973,
NFL Players
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famous people who studied at Clemson University.
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