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Canisius University
Canisius University
There are 14 famous people who studied here
Bill Piccolo
May 1, 1920,
NFL Players
Bud Doyle
July 5, 1905,
NFL Players
Chick Guarnieri
July 1, 1899,
NFL Players

Dick Poillon
August 13, 1920,
NFL Players
Elmer McCormick
October 26, 1898,
NFL Players
Harry Collins
January 18, 1900,
NFL Players
Jerry Whalen
April 23, 1928,
NFL Players
Joe McLain
April 5, 1905,
NFL Players
John Mahoney
June 20, 1940,
NFL Players
Mike Panepinto
November 17, 1965,
NFL Players
Mike Trainor
December 18, 1899,
NFL Players
Russ Burt
December 15, 1900,
NFL Players
Sam Salemi
August 7, 1903,
NFL Players
Tom Colella
July 3, 1918,
NFL Players
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