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Boston College University
Boston College University
There are 178 famous people who studied here
Glenn Foley
October 10, 1970,
NFL Players
Gordie Browne
December 5, 1951,
NFL Players
Gordon Laro
April 17, 1972,
NFL Players

Gosder Cherilus
June 28, 1984,
NFL Players
Grat O'Connell
October 27, 1902,
NFL Players
Greg Storr
October 16, 1960,
NFL Players
Harry Connolly
July 16, 1920,
NFL Players
Harry Crump
June 18, 1940,
NFL Players
Ivan Caesar
January 7, 1967,
NFL Players
Jack Concannon
March 25, 1943,
NFL Players
Jack Cronin
May 3, 1903,
NFL Players
James Marten
April 18, 1984,
NFL Players
James Silva
December 14, 1984,
NFL Players
Jeff Oliver
July 28, 1965,
NFL Players
Jeff Yeates
August 3, 1951,
NFL Players
Jeremy Trueblood
May 10, 1983,
NFL Players
Jim Browne
March 16, 1962,
NFL Players
Jim Colclough
March 31, 1936,
NFL Players
Jim Rourke
March 10, 1957,
NFL Players
Jim Whalen
May 20, 1943,
NFL Players
Jo-Lonn Dunbar
March 31, 1985,
NFL Players
Joe DiVito
September 2, 1945,
NFL Players
Joe Johnson 3
November 3, 1929,
NFL Players
Joe Kozlowsky
August 9, 1901,
NFL Players
Joe Manzo
March 3, 1917,
NFL Players
Joe Nash
October 11, 1960,
NFL Players
Joe Repko
March 15, 1920,
NFL Players
Joe Wolf
October 9, 1983,
NFL Players
John Bosa
January 10, 1964,
NFL Players
John Fitzgerald
March 25, 1919,
NFL Players
John Galvin
July 9, 1965,
NFL Players
John Kissell
May 14, 1923,
NFL Players
Johnny Miller
April 29, 1947,
NFL Players
Josh Beekman
June 30, 1983,
NFL Players
Karl Swanke
December 29, 1957,
NFL Players
Kelvin Martin
May 14, 1965,
NFL Players
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Boston College University Questions

- What other famous persons attended Boston College University? by Liam

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