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Boston College University
Boston College University
There are 178 famous people who studied here
Adolph Kissell
September 11, 1920,
NFL Players
Al Cannava
May 24, 1924,
NFL Players
Al Fiorentino
February 28, 1917,
NFL Players

Al Krevis
July 9, 1952,
NFL Players
Alan Miller
December 15, 1908,
NFL Players
Art Donovan
June 5, 1925,
NFL Players
Art Graham
July 31, 1941,
NFL Players
Art Spinney
November 8, 1927,
NFL Players
Augie Hoffmann
February 23, 1981,
NFL Players
Bill Budness
January 30, 1943,
NFL Players
Bill Byrne
November 19, 1940,
NFL Players
Bill Cronin
November 20, 1943,
NFL Players
Bill Cronin 2
April 18, 1901,
NFL Players
Bill Romanowski
April 2, 1966,
NFL Players
Bill Stetz
September 28, 1945,
NFL Players
Bob Hyland
July 21, 1945,
NFL Players
Bob Shann
March 27, 1943,
NFL Players
Brendan McCarthy
August 6, 1945,
NFL Players
Brian Brennan
February 15, 1962,
NFL Players
Brian Saxton
March 13, 1972,
NFL Players
Brian St. Pierre
November 28, 1979,
NFL Players
Butch Songin
May 11, 1924,
NFL Players
Charlie O'Rourke
May 10, 1917,
NFL Players
Chet Gladchuk
April 4, 1917,
NFL Players
Chris Hovan
May 12, 1978,
NFL Players
Chris Snee
January 8, 1982,
NFL Players
Chris Sullivan
December 14, 1943,
NFL Players
Chuck Gorecki
April 7, 1964,
NFL Players
Con O'Brien
February 13, 1898,
NFL Players
Damien Woody
November 3, 1977,
NFL Players
Dan Collins
July 27, 1976,
NFL Players
Dan Koppen
August 12, 1978,
NFL Players
Dan Sullivan
April 26, 1987,
NFL Players
Darnell Alford
June 11, 1977,
NFL Players
Darren Flutie
November 18, 1966,
NFL Players
Darren Twombly
May 14, 1965,
NFL Players
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Boston College University Questions

- What other famous persons attended Boston College University? by Liam

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