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Arkansas State University
Arkansas State University
There are 39 famous people who studied here
Bill Bergey
February 9, 1945,
NFL Players
Bill Johnson 6
October 31, 1960,
NFL Players
Carlos Emmons
September 3, 1973,
NFL Players

Cleo Lemon
August 16, 1979,
NFL Players
Clovis Swinney
August 17, 1945,
NFL Players
Corey Walker
June 4, 1973,
NFL Players
Corey Williams
August 17, 1980,
NFL Players
Darren Toney
January 9, 1984,
NFL Players
Dennis Meyer
April 8, 1950,
NFL Players
Elbert Shelley
December 24, 1964,
NFL Players
Fred Barnett
June 17, 1966,
NFL Players
Garrick Jones
December 2, 1978,
NFL Players
Gary Crane
May 19, 1946,
NFL Players
Greg Lee
March 3, 1962,
NFL Players
Jeff Fields
July 3, 1967,
NFL Players
Jerry Muckensturm
October 13, 1953,
NFL Players
Jim Tarle
December 27, 1972,
NFL Players
Jon Bradley
January 13, 1981,
NFL Players
Ken Jones 2
December 1, 1952,
NFL Players
Kendricke Bullard
April 30, 1972,
NFL Players
Khayyam Burns
August 30, 1985,
NFL Players
Kyle Richardson
March 2, 1973,
NFL Players
Leroy Harris 2
July 3, 1954,
NFL Players
Maurice Carthon
April 24, 1961,
NFL Players
Michael Adams 2
April 5, 1964,
NFL Players
Mitchell Young
August 6, 1986,
NFL Players
Oren Middlebrook
January 23, 1953,
NFL Players
Oren O'Neal
September 8, 1983,
NFL Players
Ray Brown
December 12, 1962,
NFL Players
Richie Woit
July 5, 1931,
NFL Players
Sammy Weir
March 18, 1941,
NFL Players
Stacy Gore
May 20, 1963,
NFL Players
Stacy Price
March 24, 1962,
NFL Players
Stan Winfrey
February 20, 1953,
NFL Players
Steve Burks
August 6, 1953,
NFL Players
Todd Frohbieter
March 7, 1975,
NFL Players
Tyrell Johnson
May 19, 1985,
NFL Players
Tyrone Jones
January 10, 1980,
NFL Players
Vincent Barnett
February 19, 1965,
NFL Players
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