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Alabama University
Alabama University, also known as University of Alabama or Bama, was founded in 1831. The university is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where it serves to more than 27,000 students in its 4 sq. km campus.
Along with a rich history, the university has been a consistent performer in the field of sports with its own teams of football, men's basketball, gymnastics and women's racing.
There are various NFL players in the alumni of this university.
There are 246 famous people who studied here
Butch Wilson
September 18, 1941,
NFL Players
Byron Braggs
October 10, 1959,
NFL Players
Charley Hannah
July 26, 1955,
NFL Players

Charlie Peprah
February 24, 1983,
NFL Players
Chris Goode
September 17, 1963,
NFL Players
Chris Harris 2
December 14, 1983,
NFL Players
Chris Mohr
May 11, 1966,
NFL Players
Chris Samuels
July 28, 1977,
NFL Players
Chuck DeShane
December 10, 1918,
NFL Players
Claude Perry
October 31, 1901,
NFL Players
Corky Tharp
April 19, 1931,
NFL Players
Cornelius Bennett
August 25, 1965,
NFL Players
Cornelius Griffin
December 3, 1976,
NFL Players
Cornelius Wortham
January 25, 1982,
NFL Players
Curt Jarvis
January 28, 1965,
NFL Players
Curtis Brown 2
July 18, 1971,
NFL Players
Curtis McGriff
May 17, 1958,
NFL Players
D.J. Hall
July 18, 1986,
NFL Players
Dameian Jeffries
May 7, 1973,
NFL Players
Daniel Martz
December 7, 1981,
NFL Players
Daniel Pope
March 28, 1975,
NFL Players
Dante Ellington
February 29, 1980,
NFL Players
Dave Brown
May 20, 1984,
NFL Players
David Palmer
May 29, 1961,
David Ray
February 24, 1968,
NFL Players
DeMeco Ryans
July 28, 1984,
NFL Players
Dennis Homan
January 9, 1946,
NFL Players
Derrick Lassic
January 26, 1970,
NFL Players
Derrick Oden
September 29, 1970,
NFL Players
Derrick Pope
May 4, 1982,
NFL Players
Derrick Thomas 2
January 1, 1967,
NFL Players
Deshea Townsend
September 8, 1975,
NFL Players
Dixie Howell
November 24, 1912,
NFL Players
Don Hutson
January 31, 1913,
NFL Players
Don McNeal
May 6, 1958,
NFL Players
Dwayne Rudd
February 3, 1976,
NFL Players
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