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Alabama-Birmingham University
Alabama-Birmingham University, also known as University of Alabama at Birmingham or UAB, was founded in 1969 in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. UAB is the youngest among the leading universities of Alabama and also has the record of being the largest employer of Alabama.
The university offers more than 140 degrees in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
It takes part in total 17 types of intercollegiate sports and is widely known under the nickname of Blazers. In 2007, the university finished the construction of a new part of the campus called the Campus Green. The alumni of the university includes many NFL players as well.
There are 20 famous people who studied here
Brian Smith
May 13, 1977,
NFL Players
Bryan Thomas
October 31, 1964,
NFL Players
Carl Fair
June 8, 1977,
NFL Players

Carlos Hendricks
August 31, 1983,
NFL Players
Chris Brown 3
May 9, 1978,
NFL Players
Corey White
October 1, 1985,
NFL Players
Dainon Sidney
May 30, 1975,
NFL Players
Darrell Hackney
August 7, 1983,
NFL Players
Eddie Freeman
January 4, 1978,
NFL Players
Izell Reese
May 7, 1974,
NFL Players
Jake Arians
January 26, 1978,
NFL Players
Jermaine McElveen
August 29, 1984,
NFL Players
Josh Evans
January 16, 1971,
NFL Players
Julius Wilson
October 17, 1983,
NFL Players
Kyle Bissinger
August 20, 1983,
NFL Players
Otis Leverette
May 31, 1978,
NFL Players
Pernell Davis
May 19, 1976,
NFL Players
Roddy White
November 2, 1981,
NFL Players
Rodregis Brooks
August 30, 1978,
NFL Players
Zac Woodfin
March 19, 1983,
NFL Players
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Alabama-Birmingham University Questions

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