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Lincoln High-school

Lincoln High-School located in the Lincoln City, California is a renowned public high school. The school basically is part of the Western Placer Unified School District and in the year 2005 school completed construction of its Edward A. Grey Sports Complex along with some baseball field and a big stadium. Lincoln High-School offers many courses like Calculus AB, United States History, English Literature, Biology and Physics.

Why is this School famous?

Lincoln High-School is famous for being awarded as California Distinguished School and also for offering courses to learn Spanish Language.
There are 11 famous people who studied here
Antonio Cromartie
April 15, 1984
NFL Players
Brandon McGowan
September 16, 1983
NFL Players
Craphonso Thorpe
June 27, 1983
NFL Players

Doug Free
January 6, 1984
NFL Players
Jon Kitna
September 21, 1972
NFL Players
Jonathan Babineaux
October 12, 1981
NFL Players
Jordan Babineaux
August 31, 1982
NFL Players
Kevin Carter
April 25, 1973
NFL Players
Lawyer Milloy
November 12, 1973
NFL Players
P.J. Alexander
December 23, 1978
NFL Players
Pat Watkins
December 18, 1982
NFL Players
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