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I Know Who Killed Me
Dakota Moss: So my finger got cut off. But nobody did it. Who's going to believe ...
by I Know Who Killed Me
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Matthew Fox
It`s sort of a show about the human species, not a show about anybody from ...
by Matthew Fox
0 votes   222 views  
Whenever we have a new idea, we get so excited that we talk about it ...
by Christo
0 votes   222 views  
Barbara Mikulski
We don`t feel particularly pressured to do anything at any particular spot. Like with anything ...
by Barbara Mikulski
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Bryan White
What is nice about country music today is that most artists are not trying to ...
by Bryan White
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Claire Colburn: Trust me. Everybody is less mysterious than they think they are.
by Elizabethtown
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Masked and Anonymous
Tom Friend: Everybody's doing the killing now. Everybody's doing the dying.
by Masked And Anonymous
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The Day After Tomorrow
Library Security Guard: [as Brian works on a radio] Library Security Guard: Maybe you should have somebody ...
by The Day After Tomorrow
0 votes   222 views  
Friday After Next
Craig Jones: [beaten up Moly walks in Barbeque restaurant] Daaaamn! Day-Day: Someone call 9-1-1 Mr. Jones: Moly... you ...
by Friday After Next
0 votes   222 views  
Get Carter
[Jack Carter comes with Geraldine in Jeremy Kinnear's office and sees his bodyguard Jimmy] Jeremy ...
by Get Carter
0 votes   222 views  
Osmosis Jones
Osmosis: Yo, you didn't see this thing. This ain't no ordinary household germ. This thing's bigger ...
by Osmosis Jones
0 votes   222 views  
Romeo Must Die
Maurice: [Han Sing starts attacking the gang] The hell what Mac said,somebody kill that son of ...
by Romeo Must Die
0 votes   222 views  
Waking the Dead
Danny Pierce: Remember what Sarah used to say? Sarah Williams. You do remember Sarah, don't you? ...
by Waking The Dead
0 votes   222 views  
Mad Dog Time
Vic: Ben, go home. Pack your bags, and leave town. Ben London: Nobody tells Ben London what ...
by Mad Dog Time
0 votes   222 views  
First Kid
Luke Davenport: Online I'm a normal kid, just like everybody else. Sam Simms: [Quietly] You ought to ...
by First Kid
0 votes   222 views  
Big Bully
Young Fang: Hi Davy. Thought you were pretty funny this morning didn't ya? Young David: What are ...
by Big Bully
0 votes   222 views  
[last lines] Off-screen voice: [Said to Tipper Gore] See, everybody watches. Tipper Gore: [coughs, stares at camera] ...
by Spin
0 votes   222 views  
Tony Moss: Cristal Connors is a star, Sam. You can't just replace her. Phil Newkirk: What if ...
by Showgirls
0 votes   222 views  
The American President
Janie: The 10:15 event has been moved inside to the Indian Treaty Room. President Andrew Shepherd: 10:15 ...
by The American President
0 votes   222 views  
Untamed Heart
Adam: Once people got use to staying away, they always stayed away. I never got close ...
by Untamed Heart
0 votes   222 views  
The Thing Called Love
Linda Lue Linden: Hey Kyle Davidson! Kyle Davidson: Hey Linda Lue, is that your pretty face I'm ...
by The Thing Called Love
0 votes   222 views  
Super Mario Bros.
Mario: Everybody's got tap water! 3 bucks!
by Super Mario Bros.
0 votes   222 views  
Shadows and Fog
Kleinmann: [Last lines] What better way to spend the rest of my life than... than to ...
by Shadows And Fog
0 votes   222 views  
Make the Yuletide Gay
Abby Mancuso: Oh my god, you two... are totally gay Olaf 'Gunn' Gunnunderson: Erm... Abby Mancuso: Bitch! Why ...
by Make The Yuletide Gay
0 votes   222 views  
Judy Garland
Hollywood is a strange place if you`re in trouble. Everybody thinks it`s contagious.
by Judy Garland
0 votes   221 views  
Jeremiah Trotter
We understand that a lot of things happened this year. We didn`t play nearly up ...
by Jeremiah Trotter
0 votes   221 views  
Arthur Mitchell
What we really are – we`re playing a little bit of Monopoly with somebody else ...
by Arthur Mitchell
1 votes   221 views  
Peg: Be quiet Eugene, nobody's listening to you.
by Junebug
0 votes   221 views  
Regina: And they only just found that girls body today because it was dragged through the ...
by Cry_Wolf
0 votes   221 views  
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Marion Ravenwood: Mutt can be a little impetuous. Indiana Jones: Well, it's not the worse quality in ...
by Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
0 votes   221 views  
Free Enterprise
Mark: [when Rob is crushed that Bill is nothing like Captain Kirk] Let it go. Separate ...
by Free Enterprise
0 votes   221 views  
The Insider
Lowell Bergman: I'm Lowell Bergmann, I'm from 60 Minutes. You know, you take the 60 Minutes ...
by The Insider
0 votes   221 views  
The Dig
[Dr. Ludger Brink's hand is stuck in a crevice in the wall] Brink: I don't care ...
by The Dig
0 votes   221 views  
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Therapist: We have some new-comers here today. Please say hello to Scott and his father Mr... ...
by Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
0 votes   221 views  
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Ace: If you were me, then I'd be you, and I'd use *your* body to get ...
by Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
0 votes   221 views  
Super Mario Bros.
[Mario and Luigi are chasing after Spike and Iggy as they drag Daisy through the ...
by Super Mario Bros.
0 votes   221 views  
The Super
Louie Kritski: [Louie appears, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and pump sneakers] If you think I look ...
by The Super
0 votes   221 views  
Director: Look. Look, look, look, look, look. You're the big boogedy monster. Striker: Boogedy monster. Director: All we ...
by Guyver
0 votes   221 views  
Aaron: Natalie and Zach, you've seen them. You've seen them before. They're always like this. He ...
by Swanland
0 votes   221 views  
Boys of Summerville
Jack: You still think your dad was some big shot, don't you? My dad could run ...
by Boys Of Summerville
1 votes   221 views  
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