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- What musician was the object of Gail's obsession between the ages of 15-18? by Samuel

- What were Gail's goals when she was 5 years old? by Juan

- What can you find in the Gallery category of the Worley Gig? by Brady

- What is the Pink Links section of the Worley Gig? by Anthony

- Is Gail practicing Reiki? by Jeremiah

- When did Gail Worley start the website The Worley Gig? by Faith

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worleygig.com worleygig.com
The Worley Gig is a website maintained and created by Gail Worley, also known on the site as Gail Pink. As you first enter the website you will either really like it or really hate it. It all depends on how fond you are of the colour pink. Personally, I don't hate it.

But I must say: that's a lot of pink for my pc screen to handle all at once! Everything is in shades of pink, even the headlines. The site itself is basically a compilation between a blog featuring anything and everything Gail Pink wants to put there and a part about Gail Worley's services. As such, you will notice the menu bar on top, which features the following categories: Blog, About Gail, Writing Services, Band Services, Archives, Reiki Services, Pink Links, Gallery and Search.

As you cruise the website you will notice that the blog is the funniest thing on there. This is the section under which Gail Pink (a.k.a. Worley) writes about the oddest things. From articles on music (which is normal since she does this for a living) to comments about Star Worlds pancake moulds.

One can only assume this is of interest to her for some reason. But it certainly is fun and refreshing to have such a variety of subjects in front of us.
Why do we recommend it?
Concluding, I would have to say that I highly recommend the Worley Gig because it is indeed a great and fun website. It keeps you entertained but it can also keep you updated with musical events and general information, as Gail is a professional writer within this area.
Why is it famous?
The website itself is vast, considering that you can look back on archives since 2003. It has lots of articles and pictures and the loading time is more than decent. The structure of the Worley Gig is also commendable because it is well thought and organized. The colour scheme, as I've said before, is a matter of personal preference. But it does reflect the forwardness of the blog and its overall fresh nature. So from that point of view, well done!
by FW Editor
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An interview with Gail Worley from worleygig.com
FW Editor: Why did you decide to start this website? Was it simply a self-promotional thing at first?
Gail Worley: In a way it started out as a vehicle for self-promotion, but it was always about my love for music as well. My reason for starting Worleygig.com was a combination of promoting my writing services for bands (bios, press releases, pitch letters and custom website content) and also having a place to archive and showcase the many band and artist interviews I have done in my career as a rock journalist. I started the website in 2003 and added the Rad Blog to the site three years later. It's been a lot of fun!

FW Editor: Would you ever considering re-orienting yourself in the career area to something else than writing?
Gail Worley: Well, it's interesting that you would ask, as in addition to all of my freelance writing and blogging, I actually have a full time day job at a global investment bank. It's a nice balance of earning a good, steady paycheck and having a creative outlet!

FW Editor: What part of the Worley Gig do you enjoy the most? One can only assume that most people prefer the blog since it's so funny and entertaining, but what about you?
Gail Worley: I do love doing the blog, yes. I recently expanded to cover more local art shows and street art here in NYC and that as been quite fun also. And I love networking with and meeting other bloggers, such as Lisa from Skulls & Bacon and Geoffrey from According2g.com.

FW Editor: Have you ever dreamed when you were younger that you would be meting such famous musicians and that you'd have the privilege of writing about them for a living?
Gail Worley: I've been rocking since I was very young! At age 5 my goal was to marry Paul McCartney and join the Beatles (sadly, I did not achieve either of these goals) and I figured out pretty early that the way to meet rock stars I admired was not to write to them but to write about them. My first real in person interview was with Marilyn Manson back when no one knew who he was, and I've just been on a roll since then, I feel very fortunate.

FW Editor: Is this website the best it can be, or are there improvements in site?
Gail Worley: It can always be better. I'd like to be able to add to the blog more frequently and with more original, unique content rather than a lot of the stuff I turn people on to from other sites, which I know a lot of us do. It's a growth process. Also I'd love it if readers felt comfortable with commenting on my posts with more regularity. Readers: I love your comments!

FW Editor: Would you ever consider letting someone else help you with the maintenance and posts of the site if your life gets too demanding to handle it?
Gail Worley: Probably not. Worleygig is my baby!

FW Editor: Are you planning on selling the website at a certain point in time?
Gail Worley: No way.

FW Editor: Have you ever gotten in any sort of trouble because of some material you posted on the Worley Gig?
Gail Worley: Actually, no. Knock on wood!

FW Editor: Why did you choose pink as the base for your colour scheme? Is it your favourite colour or is there a meaning behind it?
Gail Worley: Pink has just been a color I've been drawn to for as long as I can remember. It just seemed natural to go with pink pages!

FW Editor: What post on the Worley Gig are you most proud of since you started the website?
Gail Worley: That's really had to nail down, as I am quite fond of most of them (a lot of thought really does go into everything I post). I enjoy doing my regular series of posts such as "Pink Thing of The Day" or "Bacon Thing of the Day" which are always fun to research and get a great reaction from readers. I also enjoy writing book and film reviews.

About this interview