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- What are some of the invention categories that can be found on inventorspot.com? by Jack

- How can one support InventorSpot.com? by soreanu_andrey@yahoo.com

- What can you find in the Misc menu category on inventorspot.com? by Sara

- What are the menu categories that one can browse on inventorspot.com? by Rachel

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inventorspot.com inventorspot.com
InventorSpot.com is, without doubt, a great website. I was very pleasantly impressed by everything - from structure, to design, colors, accessibility, ease of browsing, quality of content, diversity of content and degree of usability.

When you first enter the website your aesthetic sense will be pleased, as the color scheme is based on a very tame and youthful combination of white and blue. The design of Inventor Spot.com was very well thought out. Each item is very clearly defined and very well positioned, making everything easy to spot or search for. The logo they used was, possibly, the only one that could have fit so well, as the light bulb (making the link to electricity) is maybe the most common symbol for average people when thinking of "inventions".

On the website you will find countless articles, very well portrayed news from relevant fields and a gallery with very high resolution pictures of inventions. Obviously there is a lot more to talk about and discover, but I shall leave that to the curiosity of those who wish to browse the website.

There is also a forum that users can check out. The website features 9 categories, but the one that caught my attention was Services. Here you can find various companies and institutions that provide services inventors might find useful, such as consulting, patenting, packaging, manufacturing, advertising, product development, prototyping and many, many more. These are all categories and in each category you will find the contact info of the companies, their description and a description of the specific services they provide.

All in all this is one of the most accurate, well put together and useful websites I have had the pleasure of coming across.
Why do we recommend it?
We highly recommend http://inventorspot.com to any and all. It is a very useful and at the same time entertaining website. No matter if you want to actually get relevant information as an inventor, if you want to gather information about an invention, or if you just want to read something interesting, http://inventorspot.com is the place to go.
Why is it famous?
InventorSpot.com is famous most likely because it deals with "famous" things. An invention is new and exciting by nature and when you put them all together on a website that also features so many more useful topics, you are bound to get a name in the industry.
by inventorspot.com
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An interview with Michelle Blu from inventorspot.com
FW Editor: How did you come up with the idea of creating an inventions only website?
Michelle Blu: InventorSpot.com is really not an "inventions only" website. It is a site created for people who have great ideas and those who want to be read about great ideas. We started out as a blog for an inventor auditioning for the American Inventor television show. He wanted a place that inventors could go to discuss their experiences and share tips with each other. The site just caught on and grew from there.

FW Editor: Have you ever invented something yourself and if so is that invention listed on http://inventorspot.com?
Michelle Blu: Our founder has a number of inventions and works with companies to come up with new products. Yes, one of his inventions is shown in our Invention Gallery - a free showcase for inventors who want to promote their inventions.

FW Editor: What websites do you believe are suitable competitors for http://inventorspot.com?
Michelle Blu: No site offers the unique blend of coverage on the most interesting products, innovations and ideas from around the world together with news on events and educational articles of interest to inventors.

FW Editor: Have you ever received negative comments from any inventor due to your website's content?
Michelle Blu: No. We've received lots of suggestions for improving our site and requests to provide more features on our site for inventors, but no negative comments from inventors about our content.

FW Editor: How many inventions have you recorded as being registered on http://inventorspot.com on a daily basis?
Michelle Blu: I'm not sure this question makes sense. We don't record inventions. In terms of how many innovations do we write about in a typical day? We try to cover 10 to 20 innovations and inventions a day. In terms of inventions we feature in our Invention Gallery, I think we have probably more than a 1000 inventions.

FW Editor: Was the website built like this from the get go, or did you take it step by step, adding categories and sections as the demand for them appeared?
Michelle Blu: We started out as a simple one person blog. From that, we just started adding items and topics that we thought people who were out of the box thinkers would appreciate. Now, we have a wonderful team of writers who blog daily on the latest interesting discoveries, innovations and products from around the world. We also have a ton of features and tools now specifically focused on help inventors.

FW Editor: If you were offered to sell http://inventorspot.com for a decent price, would you accept the offer?
Michelle Blu: I guess it depends on what you consider decent. We would definitely consider selling the site if the offer was indecently high!

FW Editor: What has been the greatest joy you've had from creating this website?
Michelle Blu: The greatest joy has been working with some wonderfully talented writers and inventors. The greatest reward has been being able to offer people who have all these wonderful ideas about ways they can improve the world a safe and informative site where they can go to be inspired, entertained and educated.

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