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Oklahoma University
Oklahoma University
There are 267 famous people who studied here
Tyrell Peters
August 4, 1974,
NFL Players
Uwe von Schamann
April 23, 1956,
NFL Players
Van Edmondson
June 8, 1899,
NFL Players

Vickey Ray Anderson
May 3, 1956,
NFL Players
Victor Hicks
January 19, 1957,
NFL Players
Waddy Young
September 4, 1916,
NFL Players
Wahoo McDaniel
June 19, 1938,
NFL Players
Walt Lamb
December 21, 1920,
NFL Players
Weldon Gentry
September 9, 1906,
NFL Players
Wendell Davis 2
June 27, 1973,
NFL Players
Wes Sims
October 12, 1979,
NFL Players
William Bartee
June 25, 1977,
NFL Players
Willie Franklin
October 9, 1949,
NFL Players
Zac Henderson
October 14, 1955,
NFL Players
Zach Latimer
October 21, 1983,
NFL Players
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